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Protect the Health of Surrounding Teeth and Keep Infections Under Control

In some situations, the right choice for your oral health is to have a tooth removed. A tooth extraction is usually our last resort after your dentist and our team have exhausted all other efforts to save the tooth. When damage or infection occurs, it’s not only uncomfortable, but it can also lead to the development of more extensive issues. Having the tooth extracted will both alleviate pain and prevent the future risk of infection.

Why Do Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Typically, improper care of teeth is the cause of oral health issues. In minor cases, these problems can be treated with restorative procedures. When the condition is more severe, it’s possible an extraction will be required. Conditions that often result in the need for extraction include:

  • Dental crowding
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Gum or tooth infections
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Loose teeth caused by jaw bone deterioration
  • Root damage

The Tooth Extraction Process

Your doctor will complete a thorough oral examination during the consultation appointment. 3D CBCT scans may be taken to produce a clearer understanding of your dental and facial structures. We will also discuss your anesthesia and sedation options to make sure you will be at ease and comfortable during the procedure.

On the day of your procedure, your doctor will administer the selected form of anesthesia before simply removing the tooth with forceps. The tooth may need to be broken into smaller pieces for easier extraction. You may require a type of bone graft called socket preservation, which will preserve the empty space where the tooth was. That way, your jaw bone will not deteriorate from missing a tooth in that area. Similarly, a dental implant can also be placed on the same day as extraction, which restores the missing tooth while preserving your jaw bone at the same time.

General Tooth Extraction in Springfield, IL

Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois is the premier practice in central Illinois where you can expect superior care and oral surgery treatments that benefit you for life. Our oral surgeons regularly perform safe and comfortable tooth extractions at both of our office locations. By offering a variety of anesthesia options, we ensure your comfort throughout all steps of treatment. If you need a damaged or failing tooth evaluated or extracted, please contact our office. We proudly serve patients of all ages in Springfield, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Hear From General Tooth Extraction Patients

These patients can tell you about the firsthand experience undergoing general tooth extraction at our office.

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